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The customer journey

Once you've redirected your customer to Volt they'll see one of two interfaces, depending on whether you've pre-selected a bank before requesting the payment.

Checkout or confirmation page#

If you're using the Volt hosted checkout, your customer will get to choose or search for their bank from our up-to-date list. They'll also be shown the details of the payment they're about to make and confirm that this is their intent.

checkout_payment image

Redirect to the bank#

Once your customer has clicked on the continue to payment page, they'll be taken to their bank's authentication page to complete the payment, where they'll need to authenticate using their normal bank security procedure.

Your customer will then review the payment and may have to select the account they'll make the payment from. This part varies from bank to bank.


The payment process varies from bank to bank and may need the customer to provide additional details. This is very common with European banks where the customer will need the IBAN for their bank account, or a customer identification number, before they get to the bank.

They might also need to use 2-factor authentication via their phone or hardware device.

Returning your customer to you#

Once the payment is complete, your customer will return to your website or mobile app